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title — in the midst of midnight (i. as you sleep)
pairing — rukia/orihime.
warnings — feared!homophobia, angst, fluff, and OOC.
words — 275.

Rukia runs her fingers through the waves of Orihime's hair, digits smoothing out the puddle of auburn and copper that floods the pillows and drapes over the cotton sheets. They are tangled up together in bed, twisted among damp blankets and discarded clothes.

The desperation and ache had overridden all logic.

With a light smile, the petite woman drags a knuckle – carefully, gently – down the neck of the sleeping teenager. She traces patterns against her fair skin, fingertips just dancing over the fresh marks of teeth and bruises. They would be red in the morning, bright and obvious underneath the collar of the healer's school uniform.

Wasn't this sort of thing looked down upon in parts of the human world?

The thought comes suddenly and turns the tenderness of the moment – full of sweat, sex, tears, and affection – upside down. The Soul Society doesn't have issues with love and intercourse between members of the same gender. Or at least that could be said in the realm of Soul Reapers. When you exist as long as a shinigami does why would one bother attempting to stifle the faculties of love with something so silly?

In the dimness of the bedroom, Rukia sighs as she settles back into the pillows. Moonlight from the parted curtains of the nearby window glows against her dark hair, turning the strands into an unearthly blue as, tenderly as always, the soul reaper presses a kiss to the shoulder of the sleeping human girl.

"I'll see you later, Orihime."

Hours later, when honey and cinnamon eyes open to greet the warmth of morning …

… she'll be gone.


Date: 2012-01-12 03:16 am (UTC)
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Very beautiful, hun! Your figurative language paints a gorgeous picture and creates strong imagery. <3 It never ceases to surprise me how you etch drama and emotion into every line. The fact that this is such a powerful piece yet is so short is just mighty impressive in itself! You have an amazing talent when it comes to writing drabbles that I positively envy. =3 I myself have trouble conveying a message/story/emotion is so little of words, hence my super lengthy stories I've been churning out as of late. But, anywho, this really was wonderful! Totally not offensive in anyway either.

I definitely can see Rukia being protective of Orihime in this way, and puzzling over the homophobia that is, sadly, present in some parts of the world. It only makes sense that shinigamis would have.. well, enough sense to know that gender doesn't matter when it comes to true love. Ooh I'm rambling now, ahh!

Gosh, I really did love this. ;; The last line makes me sad.. I wonder how 'Hime will feel waking up alone in bed. D= Poor thing!


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